Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mediafusion.com Review

Media Fusion Review

Today i am going to tell you about great new network which is very good both for publishers and advertisers because their rates are cool.If you are advertiser then you can also advertise there because their advertising packages are cheap also you will get benefit from them.They will display your ads according to your ad spaces means if you want to advertise on game site they will display your service on them.

Minimum Traffic For Publishers They Accept:

At this time they are accepting your blog or sites with low traffic no minimum requirements.

Do They Have Redirects:

No i am using them from some days i never ever get a single redirect also not any type of viruses in them.

After How Many Days They Will Pay:

They will pay after 1-2 days when you reach minimum payout you need to request they send instant money to your account.

Payment Method:

They will pay you via paypal at this time but may be in future they will add some new payment processors.

What Is Minimum Payout:

They will pay very low just 10 euro when you reach in your account its not difficult to make it.

What type Of Ads Commission They Are Offering:

They will pay you for cpm means for every impression you will get paid for that they have no cpc system banners are very cool.

Do They Pay For Bots: 

No they are not paying for bots and fake traffic they are very strict for that and will disable your account.

For Which Countries Impression They Are Accepting: 

They are very good accepting all type of impressions for every country including china,Pakistan and also tier 3 countries.But rates are very good for tier 1 countries like us,Canada,Uk etc.

Is Mediafusion.com Scam:

Today one of my friend ask a question that mediafusion.com scam or legit so i already use this i answer him that this is not scam this is valid company and still paying to all of its members. 

Payment Proof:

Here is a payment proof of mediafusion.com with image.

Click here to see other great paying networks that was my media fusion review i hope you like it.

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