Friday, 9 August 2013


Popcash review
popcash is a program from which you can earn good money if you are running a blog website,forum or site.This is a really simple program for making money online from ads no need of clicks and any thing what you need is just putting their code on your site and your earnings start at the time.How much traffic your site have you will get paid for every visitor.

What Is Minimum Payout:

As we know that if we are using  some ads it is very difficult to make their minimum because mostly of networks have 50 or 100 dollars but this network minimum payout is just 10 $ which everyone can make even small publishers.

After How Many Days They Will Pay:

Oh my God you can,t believe in this category they are better than any other network because they will pay you not on net 15,not on  net 10.While they will pay you daily if you reach their minimum amount.

Do Their Site Have Redirects Or Viruses:

The other valuable thing is that they have not such kind of adds they have clean and neat ads for publishers which will not disturb your blog and sites.

Payment Methods:

They will give you money with these payment processors paypal,payza and paxum.

Ad Types:

What type of adds they offer?so answer is only one type and that are popup ads.

Earning Reports:

At this time they are good because as we know now a days many ads deciving us showing us wrong reports and earning.They are showing not like that they give you credit if some visitor click on any other post popups will automatically open in other tab without disturbing your visitor.
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Payment Proof:

As we know that many of netwroks are now a days cheating with us so today i get a mail from my friend is popcash.net scam or not.So i answer him that this is a legit network because i have get paid from them.

My Review About Them:

I have used thousand of ad networks but many of them not cool but as compare to other pop ads popads are best after that pocash because both of them not disturb visitor.This was my popcash.net review hope you like it ask any thing in comments.

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