Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Ad For Games Review


This is a biggest site for earning great revenue from your sites,blogs and forums.If you are advertiser and you want to advertise for your games they have very good publishers for gaming advertisements.

This is a cpc network but their cpc rates are very good and they only accept game blog sites and forums.
They have very good customer support they always reply me in one day.

Do They Have Redirects:

No they have not because i am using them so their site have clean ads and also not any type of viruses in it.

Minimum Payout:

They will pay you when you reach 50 dollars in your account.

 After How Many You Get Paid:


They will pay you after 3 days when you reach their minimum payout so its not much time and you don't need to wait months and years.

Payment Processors They Accept:

They will pay you via paypal so at this time they are not acceping any other kind of payment methods.

 What Kind Of Adds They Offer:

Right now they are offering just simple banner adds with different format and sizes but in future may be they will offer popads for higher earnings. 

How Much I Can Earn With Them: 

If you have good traffic from tier  countries like us, uk and european countries then you can make a huge income from their ads.I get 5 cent per click for us visitor 1 time and 3 cent minimum.Because my gaming site have not much traffic and mostly of traffic is from India which have no value. 

Take a look on my earning reports with pictures. 

Minmum Traffic They Accpet: 

I think if your blog have 100 unique visitors they will accept your site but it is important that your site will be gaming site must.

Payment Proof: 


I have not get paid from them but if you question that adforgames.com scam so you are thinking wrong because one of friend is getting payments from them since 2013 august.

My Review:


They are very good always giving you clean adds and giving you great income from your blogs.That was my ad for games review hope you like it if you any question about this article ask in comments thanks.

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