Sunday, 25 August 2013


First of all i am going to tell you what is adf.ly?So friends this ad network where you can earn money by sharing links on any website like facebook twitter etc.



Ad type:

Shrinking or shortening urls just you will get paid for every visitor visit your site.

What Is Minimum Traffic For Accepting Publishers:

There is no lowest traffic any one can join this network and can start getting moeny from this network.

Minimum Payout For Publishers:

You will get paid when it will be 5 dollars in your account they will send you automatic no need of payment request.

After How Many Days WE Get Paid:

They will send you money at the end of every month if your account have at least 5 dollars.

Do they Have Virus:

 No they have not any virus or redirects their ads are safe 100 percent.

Payment Methods:

Now a days this network sending money to publishers by paypal and payoneer card.

 Ho much I can Earn with 1000 visitors adf.ly:

You can make good income with them because their rates are very for all countries you can earn 1 dollar for thousand visitors.If your traffic is from uk,us or tier 1 countries you can earn good money.But my traffic was from not these countries so see here my earnings with them click here to see adf.ly earnings with pic.

Adf.ly Payment Proof:

As we know now a days their are lot of frauds on internet so we need some proof to see it click that to see your payment proof 

 My adfly review:

I have worked with thousand of networks in simple i am going to tell you that this network is best in url shortening because of their rates for publishers and their reliability.That was my adf.y review hope you like it if you have any question you can ask in comments.

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