Thursday, 22 August 2013


cpm.biz scam
cpm.biz is biggest network in the market i used them also they were showing me good ads and with their ads i was getting good clicks and also getting paid from their impressions.



Add Types:

They have cpc and cpm adds for publishers.

What Is Minimum Traffic They Accept For Publishers: 

They are accepting any type of site i think except porn blogs.

Are They Scam:

Friends i never tell you any wrong information because i always try to give you correct information.I use this network and they tell me they will pay me when i will get 1 dollar in my account after 2 days i reach that payment and i click on withdraw they say next month we will pay you.I make 5 dollars but when i click on withdraw its just waiting and waiting.So after 3 months when i reopen my account i see there are just 50 cents in my account yesterday date august 22 2013.
So friends cpm.biz  is scam 100 percent don't waste your time with them so that,s why i have no payment proof for that.

My Review: 

 My friends cpm.biz review i that they are scam but if they pay there ads are very good so always be aware from them.

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