Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Paid to promote.net

paid-to-promote.net is one of the best and fastest way to make money from your site.Its is very easy to get extra cash with this google adsense alternative.What you need to just register with them and put their codes on your site and here you go for huge money.

* What Is minimum Payout:

The other good thing about them is that it is not difficult to get money from them because they will pay you when you make just 5$ in your account they will send you money automatic no need of request.

* After How Many Days I Get Money?

This time they win again because they are paying on net 15 basis means they will pay you twice a month you don,t need to wait 60 or 80 days.

* Do They Have Redirects:

yes for banner adds some times they re direct your visitor to other sites they are paying good amount for that but i hate that thing.But for pop ads they have no redirects.

* Payment Methods:

They will pay you via paypal and web money they were paying also with alertpay but now they disable that processor of payment.

* Ad Types:

Their ad types are 2 1 they are giving banners and second pop up ads for making good revenue.

* Earning Reports:

They are paying very good for us Uk Canada and many other countries about 1 $ dollar cpm for these all see here reports.

* Payment Proof:

* Minimum Traffic They Accept For Publishers:

There is no need of any traffic you can start earning with 10 page views there is no minimum requirement for them.

* My Review About Them:

They are very good if you use their banner ads you don't need to get clicks for every impression you will get paid.So that was my paid to promte.net review i hope you like it ask any thing in comments.

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  1. I found your review when I was checking on other ptp. I currently use http://www.nysilly.com, what do you think of them?