Friday, 2 August 2013

Popads.net Review

popads.net review
Popads review
Pop ads are one of the best adds in popup which i used because i am also webmaster like you my brothers.I use many networks for making money from my different sites but it is too difficult to get good income because without adsense mostly of them suck.But if you have traffic and want some extra cash with this network then you are on right place.


 The good advantage about them is that they will open popup in other window without disturbing your visitor and that is the best thing about them.

* Do They Have Redirects:

Not at all in my eyes they are best because as we know that with small traffic we can't earn because mostly of them approve your blog if you have much traffic but you can start earning with small blogs.

* Minimum Payout:

As we know that for new blogger it is very difficult to make 100 dollars or 50 $ but dont take tention they will give you money when you earn just 5 dollars.

* After How Much Time They Will Pay:

At this point they are also best because as we know that many networks pay us on net 30 and net 60 basis but they will pay you in just 24 hours it good if you make 5 dollars in a day.

* Payment Methods:

paypal,payza and wire you can with draw with credit card if youn using paypal or alertpay.

* Ad Types:

They are only popup ads provider but they are best in this category.

* How Much I Can Make With Them With 1000 pop ups:

Their site is paying very good rate about 4 $ for 1000 us traffic and lso pays good for other counteries.

* See My Earning Reports From Them:

* See Payment Proofs Here:

* My Review:

my pop ads review is that they are one of the best if you are running a website then must use them because tgheir rates are best and they will not annoy your visitor.

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  1. Good review you have written there, but according to effects visitors mentality about your blog.

  2. Excellent review and thanks for the earning proof

  3. i like popads but when i joined it hurts my sites ranking,

    then i moved on to admense.com

    which is a CPM Adnetwork that pays round about $0.9 for 1000 impressions. it counts your clicks and impressions separately, Minimum payment is $1 and pays you in 24 hours when you reaches to minimum pay out

  4. I'm Already Familiar with The Po pads, it Was The really A Good Ad network, I'm Using It For A While, I Already Writhed The Review About it On My Website


  5. just now i join this website popads.net but i didnt get any notification mail..i apply for my website www.trickszone.in ... shal i used popads in my webiste or not ..

  6. i agree with you for popups popads is good but popups will hurt your Google ranking, so always avoid them. for banners i would recommend try out http://adtope.com i am using it for a while now and it been great.