Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Game Advert Review

Game advert review
Today i am going to tell you about this network it is very good network for publishers and advertisers because they only show ads under one niche gaming niche.


Ads Type:

They have cpm,cpc and cpv means pop up ads also and rates are very much good for publishers.

What Type Of Sites They Accept:

They accept just gaming site and minimum you have at least 1000 visitors per day and also Alexa rank under 4 lac.

Minimum Payout:

Their minimum payout is just 10 dollars after you get that they will pay you in 24 hours.


Payment Methods :

Their payment method is Paypal and Payoneer credit card.

How Much I Can Earn With Thousand Visitors 

 It depends on your traffic means if your traffic is from US at least you can earn 2 to 3 dollars.But from all other countries also very good rate except china.The best rate is pop up means if you use them you will get higher earnings so i suggest you use them. 

Earnings For GameAdvert.com 

Here is my earning reports statistics or for game advert with picture i am going to tell you that my traffic is from Pakistan that's why earning is low.
But if your traffic is from tier 1 countries earning will be boosted.
 So my gameadvert.com review is that they get 10/10 from our site and always paid us on time.

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