Monday, 21 October 2013

Taggify.net Review

Taggify.net is a most fastest growing network because in a few months they are well known because of their good adds and quality advertising.They spend much money on their advertising to become number one in the industry.They have very good rates for customers they have very good advertising packages but also publishers can earn good money from them.

Ad Types: 

Their ad type is cpm,cpv and cpc also their ads are in the pictures.

 What Type Of Sites They Accept:

They will accept any type of site except adult sites and alexa rank at least 4 lac alexa.

Minimum Payout: 

Their minimum payout is 50 or 100 dollars its on you which you want.Their payment frequency is net 30 you days after they will pay you if you have at least 50 dollars in your account.

Payment Methods:

Their payment processors are payza,paypal and wire which you want its depend on you.

Is Taggify.net Scam :

 No this is not scam because my friend already get payment from it so this is legit network.I will give also payment proof here soon.

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  1. Hi, how do you apply for taggify.net account? There's only advertiser sign up button there. :-?